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The Law Offices of Craig J. Brown, P.A., is committed to providing you with exceptional, professional and empathetic legal services. We take pride in our legal experience, competence and professional integrity. We will aggressively fight for your legal rights and needs, while also remaining dedicated to your personal and spiritual well-being and growth. We believe in One Law…One Justice!

Our founding attorney, Craig J. Brown, is passionate about helping you reach a fair outcome in your case. From criminal defense and personal injury, to bankruptcy and legal issues involving students, we have over 15 years’ experience helping people throughout Tallahassee and the Florida Panhandle.

The Law Offices of Craig J. Brown

Meet Craig J. Brown

Attorney Craig J. Brown was born and raised in Tampa, Florida and graduated from A.P. Leto High School in 1991. After graduating high school he attended West Virginia Wesleyan College on a football and track scholarship and was named captain of the football team. He transferred from WVWC to Central State University (OH) in 1995, and graduated from CSU in 1997. He went on to law school at Ohio Northern University from 1998-2001. After graduating law school he took a job as a fellow through the National Association of Public Interest Law (NAPIL, now known as Equal Justice Works) at Legal Services of North Florida. After remaining at LSNF for almost three (3) years, he partnered with Brown and Associates, LLC., for almost two (2) years until he established The Law Offices of Craig J. Brown, P.A., on April 12, 2005.