Teenagers preparing to head off to their first year of college in Florida have a lot to look forward to, such as living away from their parents for the first time. Such freedom is a welcome change, but it can lead to an unwelcome and unintentional run-in with the law.

Thankfully, Veritas Prep offers tips on how freshmen can stay out of trouble. With a bit of help, students can enjoy their college years without having to call mom and dad to bail them out of a sticky situation.

Choose friends wisely

There is a lot to explore in college, including different types of friends, acquaintances and the like. While getting to know people and choosing whom to spend time with, students should prioritize individuals with interests, lifestyles and morals similar to theirs. Falling in with the wrong crowd can end in legal trouble and a loss of control.

Stay in every now and then

Balance is essential in college. For that reason, students need to know that it is okay for them to stay in some nights rather than go to a party. It is hard to get into much trouble when at home studying, relaxing, reading or watching a movie.

Avoid becoming intoxicated

As noted by Fastweb, freshmen should limit their alcohol intake. Inebriation leads to trouble more often than not, and overconsumption is one of the fastest ways for law enforcement to become involved. To better avoid being taken advantage of, students should never consume drinks they did not mix or leave their drink unattended at a party.

Having quick and easy access to emergency contacts is another good idea. That way, if there is trouble, help is a quick phone call away.