Facing expulsion from your Florida college can be scary. Before the school expulses you, they perform a disciplinary meeting of some form. During this meeting, you have the right to bring an attorney or at minimum an advisor to help defend your case. 

The American Civil Liberties Union in Florida protects not only your constitutional rights but your rights as a student. Schools must balance keeping you safe and secure without overly burdening your freedom to thrive and learn in that environment. With the recent tragedies at schools across the nation, schools have cracked down on students and often you must prove your innocence when accused of wrongdoing. 

Each school has a Student Code of Conduct often available online or in print form. Before attending the hearing, make sure you understand what is in yours. Ask any questions you have to a knowledgeable person. The handbooks often include what can happen when you violate the school’s rules. 

While you must follow school rules, you also have the right to due process meaning you can defend yourself in an impartial hearing. You also have the right to freedom of speech and must be notified by the school of any expulsion or suspension. 

The school can dictate what the grounds for expulsion are, but they often come down to you being violent or openly defying the authority including conduct off campus. Posting certain things on your social media account may put you in the hot seat requiring you to defend yourself. Go into the hearing armed with information and an advisor to help you through.