Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. It is especially popular in warmer states, such as Georgia, California and Florida. Unfortunately, the rise of scooter use almost always correlates with related injuries. Many of these injuries have resulted in disability and even death. 

WFTV9 ABC reports that within 10 days of introducing scooters to the University of Central Florida, eight accidents were reported to police officers. In one video a group of students almost got hit by a car while cruising along the roadways during the night. Some students were often even riding on the wrong side of the road. 

In some cases, people suffer injuries from improper use of scooters and many have one-scooter accidents. They fall off the scooter while trying to avoid an obstacle and injure themselves when they hit the pavement. This is made especially dangerous by the fact that many people do not wear helmets or any of the gear cyclists do, despite similar hazards. 

This is not the only area where scooters have been deployed in mass numbers for public use. NBC Miami reports that Miami boasts more than half a million riders, while Fort Lauderdale scooter-riders racked up more than one million miles between November 2018 and August 2019. In these areas, there were 129 accidents involving electric scooters. One included a Fort Lauderdale death after a car struck a rider. 

To make scooters safer, the companies behind them may need to look into better safety features and safety campaigns. Drivers also need to be more alert and look out for these new road users, especially after nightfall.