No college student wants his or her education or sports career interrupted due to legal matters. However, if you are a student athletic and find yourself in the middle of a scandal, it is best to know your options so that you can protect yourself.

According to FindLaw, student athletes are often left to deal with additional sanctions from the school they attend on top of dealing with legal issues that arise. Due to the nature of the crime, you may have to stop playing for any teams at the college until the case gets resolved. Even if the conviction is not necessarily true or accurate, the college still has the right to put these limitations into action if they personally think it is fit to do so. This can lead to a stressful situation for players who are trying to prove their innocence.

Academic suspension, along with administrative suspension or even the loss of a scholarship, are the some of the most common forms of penalties for student athletes. However, a board of both students and administrators often hears the case. Student hearings can help you to prove your innocence by having a debate that represents both sides of the case. Often, students have a legal adviser there that can help you to craft a coherent and well-organized defense. This is important so that you are properly represented, since college students often do not have the proper legal background to fully represent themselves.

Athletic sanctions can be a frustrating minefield for students accused of a crime. However, there are ways to defend yourself with legal help.