Car insurance is one of those financial obligations that you can control a little bit. There are many options you have for shopping around or securing discounts. This is nice because you do not have such options with other expenses. However, it often takes time and a good driving record to keep your car insurance rates low. If you were in an accident, you may worry about how that will affect your insurance policy premium.

According to Forbes, not every car accident will raise your insurance rates. There are two types of accidents. One will count against you and lead to your insurer increasing your premium. The other does not count against you and should not increase your rates.


A non-chargeable accident is one that the insurer will not hold against you and will not lead to an increase in what you pay for insurance coverage. Typically, these are accidents where you had no fault. If another driver hits you and receives a citation and you did not receive one, then that is an accident where you have no fault. Other examples include a hit and run on your vehicle or a collision with an animal.

In addition, if your insurer does not have to pay out a lot from your policy due to collecting the costs of the accident from the at-fault party, then you probably will not see your rates go up.


Chargeable accidents are those that will make your insurance costs increase. These are those that are your fault or mostly your fault or for which your insurance company must pay out a substantial amount of money from your policy.