College students have an expectation of privacy and safety around campus. As a parent of a student, you believe the school will provide for the basic needs of your child.

What happens if an injury occurs on a college campus? In some situations, the college may claim that they are not responsible. However, you may want to dig deeper to find out if the college was in some way responsible for the incident. If the college was, your child may get compensation.

If an area of the school was in disrepair

College campuses need maintenance. This is never clearer as it is when a student suffers an injury. Tripping over an uneven sidewalk, handrails that are not properly fastened and steps that are not properly maintained all prove hazardous to unsuspecting students. Students who fall as the result of a trip or slip may suffer serious injuries such as:

Any of these may result in life-altering consequences for your student.

If security measures were not in place

Some injuries occur due to a violent incident. Unfortunately, even college students may become victims of crime. While the most common infraction on campuses is burglary, it does not mean other incidents such as assault do not occur. While the school is not responsible for the violent incident, it may have unwittingly provided the right circumstances for it to happen. Dimly lit areas or unpatrolled parking lots may become a breeding ground for violent crime.

When you suspect the college could have done more to protect your student, you have the right to ask for a financial contribution for your student. Doing so may help offset care and long-term needs for your child.